BEC March Session

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The Building Enclosure Council of Kansas City is pleased to announce our next session on March 20th.  We will be gathering at 6pm with the presentation starting shortly afterwards.  Please note that the session will be located at The Center for Architecture and Design at 1801 McGee on the first level.

Our guest speaker will be Stewart Jeske, P.E. of JEI Structural Engineering with Q&A by Tim Olah and Mike Bennett of KC Structural Steel.

** This presentation is eligible for (0) CEU credits. 

The session will focus on: New Product KC Pre-Launch” – Better Façade Connections to Steel Structures.

This session will focus on local introduction of a revolutionary new method of façade design and install.

Edge of slab for steel construction hasn’t changed in 70 years!   Today, two Kansas City companies have joined forces to launch the next generation façade connection to steel. Patents have been granted, product testing completed and manufacturing ready to release.   Join us for a Sneak Peek at the new J-Edge Anchor System advantages:

  • Increases speed of façade installation.
  • Tested for required façade loads.
  • Eliminates costly welding at the edge of slab.
  • Provides better load path and increased anchor capacity.
  • Allows quick installation of construction safety railing.
  • Allows easy field adjustments for anchor installation.

The Session is open to all trades and professions related to building design, construction, maintenance and property management.   Architects, Building Structural Engineers, General Contractors and Glazing Contractors are encouraged to attend.

We expect a full house so please RSVP no later than noon on March, 18nd at the following link:


BEC April Session

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Title: BEC April Session
Location: 1801McGee Suite 100
Description: Our guest speaker will be Paul Totten from WSP in Washington D.C.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2019-04-25

BEC National Symposium

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Title: BEC National Symposium
Location: St. Louis
Link out: Click here
Description: The St. Louis Chapter BEC has been chosen to host the 2019 BEC National Symposium in St. Louis, Missouri!

The 2019 National Symposium will be held at Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark on the evening of May 8th and all day on May 9th.

Besides the many educational events we have planned, we will also have a Welcoming reception, including appetizers and drinks after the May 8th presentation.

On May 9th, our educational topics include:

– Black vs. White – what is the sustainable and energy efficient choice in roofing?
– Understanding NFPA-285, wall fire code
– Thermodynamics 101
– Building codes now and beyond – where are we headed?
– Close-up to the Gateway Arch construction project
– BIM Modeling – Utilized in today’s construction

This event will be eligible for 7 CEU/AIA credits!

After the event on May 9th, you have the option of joining us at the all-inclusive St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game! Drinks and dinner are included for the early-bird special price of $50/ticket.

Register prior to March 1st, for your discounted ticket prices!

More information is available about our event on our web site:

Date: 2019-05-09

BEC June Session

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Title: BEC June Session – Steven Doggett, PH.D
Location: 1801McGee Suite 100
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2019-06-19
End Time: 20:00


Dynamic Interfaces of Water-Resistive Barriers

Water-Resistive Barriers (WRBs) have evolved to serve compound forms and functions.  Despite these advances, performance expectations still reflect over-simplistic assumptions and problematical testing methods.  Interfaces with modern wall components also remain ill-defined with respect to the WRB’s primary function of liquid water resistance.  Industry trends toward component integration have further strained the WRB’s intended role.

I present new findings from experimental research and computational modeling to demonstrate performance attributes of recognized WRB systems.  Moisture transport and storage are reviewed for three dynamic interfaces: A) the exterior insulation interface; B) the substrate interface; and C) the fastener interface.  Directives for industry research, testing standards, and product innovation are discussed.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define the role of WRBs in context with key interfaces in modern wall design.
  2. Apply basic building science principles to identify new challenges in WRB performance.
  3. Demonstrate the importance of whole-assembly design with extreme climatic conditions.
  4. Assign directives for improving WRB systems, testing standards, and installation practices.
  1. Steven Doggett, Ph.D., LEED AP

Dr. Doggett is the Principal Scientist and founder of Built Environments, Inc. an architectural & building science consulting firm specializing in building enclosure design and research.  His background includes extensive field experience with complex building enclosure failures, particularly those involving air, heat, and moisture transport.  He merges this experience with innovative design practices to assist multi-stakeholders achieve more resilient, higher-performing buildings.  Dr. Doggett is actively engaged in enclosure design, assembly and material research, and building simulations involving computational fluid dynamics, 3-D thermal modeling, and hygrothermal modeling. Dr. Doggett is the former chair of the Minnesota Building Enclosure Council.

BEC August Session

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Title: BEC August Session
Location: 1801McGee Suite 100
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2019-08-21
End Time: 20:00

BEC Fenestration Symposium

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Title: BEC Fenestration Symposium
Location: Builders Association
Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2019-11-13
End Time: 14:00